Unusual Furniture Pieces to Enhance Your Décor

Unusual Furniture Pieces to Enhance Your Décor


To create extra interest and a distinctive look in your décor, consider including one or more unusual or fun furniture pieces in your rooms. Placing an unexpected item within your interior design will immediately create a focal point and become a conversation piece in your home.

Examples of Extraordinary Furniture Pieces

Living Room – Instead of an ordinary coffee table and side tables, select glass-topped tables, each with a base made out of naturally shed, intertwining antlers. The glass works perfectly in any contemporary home. The antlers add a rustic appeal, which will also work with transitional décor. You could also choose a wooden coffee table with a wavy glass insert running across the top. Such a design feature made with various blue and green colors will look like a stream of water atop your table.

"Man Cave" – Chairs constructed out of wine barrels are a fabulous addition to any man cave or entertainment space. Place a comfortable cushion inside these rounded furniture pieces and set them near a bar area or in the corner of the room to create a unique conversation and relaxation space. Another excellent addition to a man cave is a wooden chessboard atop a base carved to look like a chess piece, such as a rook or knight. This look will immediately draw people over to the board, and they’ll beg to play.

Office – Try adding a floating desk to your office for a genuinely unique look. If you don’t need an overly large desk, this type of design will look fabulous, especially in a small space. Select a gorgeous wood for the best result and pair it with a leather chair. Another great look for an office is a library chair. This type of chair is typically square shaped and includes storage for books at the bottom and along the sides of the chair. Your books are readily available while you’re sitting in the chair. Whenever you want to read one, just reach down and grab it.

Child’s Room – If your child loves to read, get them a bookcase for their room shaped like a tree. Each limb of the tree serves as a shelf where you can line up their books. Since a book collection displays a variety of colors on the covers and spines, the books will resemble multi-colored leaves on this tree bookshelf design. Your child will love such an addition to their room, and it will help to encourage them to read their books even more.

Sunroom – For homes with a sunroom, don’t think that rattan chairs are your only choice. Mix in some natural wooden chairs designed with a high back. You can select only one chair as an accent piece or choose several of these chairs to set around a table. This design fits in perfectly with sunroom décor because it embodies a natural look associated with the outdoors.

Wagon Wheel Adirondack Chair


You can find various types of unusual furniture pieces if you keep your eyes open for them. Often, people will merely look past such items in a store because they don’t fit the norm. However, whenever you see a distinctive piece of furniture, you should stop and think if it might be the exact thing you need to enhance your home’s décor.

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